Converse Returns to The Courts With The ‘X Tinker Hatfield’

While Converse started its shoe life on the courts, it has since taken a long hiatus. Most now know the brand as a streetwear shoe company with little to offer in the athletic market, they have recently made a return to their basketball roots. Alongside the experts at Nike, Converse released the Star Series BB X Tinker Hatfield.

Star Series BB Pays Homage to History and Pushes Future

This new basketball shoe is a very big deal. The company has a century-long history in the sport, so returning after some time attracted a lot of eyes and opinions. In coming back to their original purpose in shoe design, they wanted to do so right.

That’s why they collaborated with Nike to create a dependable, functional, and good looking shoe. Like the original All Star Basketball Shoe, the X Tinker Hatfield has a simple design.

There aren’t straps everywhere, or unnecessary pieces of material littering the shoe. This design lets the overall shape of the shoe do the talking, and also draws more attention to the logo. They have put the old All Star logo featured on the classic shoes to pay homage. The contrasting colors of the logo and white shoe with a small splash of color make it look very good. While lots of modern sneakers are over designed and messy looking, this minimalistic look makes it stand out among the rest

This exciting return to the hardwood courts was obviously taken well, as the shoe has sold out since it’s initial launch. Converse has done great things with their streetwear style shoe, but it’s exciting to see them rejoin the sport that initially took the company to success. The Converse X Tinker Hatfield is not only a great modern basketball shoe, but a refreshing take compared to what other brands are doing. Here’s to hoping that this is the first among many great basketball shoes from Converse. Buy Here

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