Cook Like Royalty With The CookKing

Who needs a charcuterie board when you have the CookKing master grill pan? This Korean barbecue grill pan is exactly what you need to bring your party to the next level. This nonstick, indoor/outdoor smokeless barbecue pan can make anyone a grill master.  

What makes this grill pan extra special is that it is specifically designed for Korean barbecue. If you have not tried the spiritual journey that is eating Korean barbecue, you are missing out. The tasty trend is quickly overtaking the nation with its perfect blend of flavors and cultures. Don’t fall behind! 

As Versatile As It Gets 

The grill pan was made with you in mind. It is ready to grill up some delicious Korean treats in your kitchen for all of your book club friends. It can also grill those same treats outside while you watch the sunset and drink an ice-cold beer.  

Who has time to season a castiron pan? Those cast-iron skillets can be hard to lift and maneuver because they are so heavy. They hold heat forever which makes for a lengthy cleanup. Not to mention they’re expensive. The good news is that the CookKing is cast aluminum. What does that mean, you may ask? It means that your life just got a whole lot easier. Cast aluminum is much lighter than cast-iron so you don’t have to worry about getting a pump in before prepping your cookware. It also heats more evenly throughout and does so quicker than the archaic cast iron.  

Korean Barbecue Done Right  

You can’t half-ass something as good as Korean barbecue. If you don’t have time to do it right then wait until you can find an hour to grill a delicious meal. The CookKing comes straight from Korea so you know it is perfect for its intended purpose. So, go hit up the store for some fresh ingredients, grab your CookKing, and cook some kick-ass food! Buy Here


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