30 Coolest Bottle Openers For Every Home Bar


We don’t know what makes the best bottle opener, but we sure do know what makes a cool bottle opener. A uniqueness that can offer a glimpse into your soul or, at the very least, start a conversation. Of course, the ability to open all your beers, sodas and whatever else helps. Over the last few days, we have scoured the Internet to find the coolest bottle openers you can buy right now. Why? Well, because like you, we love popping the top with something rad.

Normally, we would gush on about products and their numerous features, but these are bottle openers and each of them speaks for themselves. Whether you are looking for a hand held opener or one that’s wall mounted, we listed the coolest bottle opener options you’ll find anywhere. You’re welcome.

First up we have the hand held openers.

Hand Held Bottle Openers

Mix Tape Credit Card Bottle Opener

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $8


50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

Buy: $12


Olympic Gold Medal Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openersBuy: $10


Army Man Bottle Opener

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $7


Tactica One Precision Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openersBuy: $34


Bottlefly Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $4

Tool Shed Bottle Openers – Set of 3

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $18


Leatherman Brewzer

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $12


Resource Revival Bicycle Chain

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $11


Hammer Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openers-hammerBuy: $8

Cap Zappa Bottle Opener Cap Launcher

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $3


Yeti Brick

yeti-brick-bottle-openerBuy: $50


Star Wars Millenium Falcon

best-bottle-openers-hand-heldBuy: $6


Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $8


Craftsman Screwdriver Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openers-hand-held-craftsmanBuy: $10


Design Toscano Skeleton Ghost Hand Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openersBuy: $19


Swiss Tech Utility Key Multitool

best-bottle-openers-swiss-techBuy: $8


Ace Of Spades Credit Card Size Opener

coolest-bottle-openersBuy: $2


Wall-Mounter Bottle Openers

It’s On, Motherf*ckers

cool-bottle-openersBuy: $9


In Case Of Emergency

best-bottle-openers-wall-mountedBuy: $9


Budweiser Wall-Mounted Opener With Cap Catcher

coolest-bottle-openers-wall-mountedBuy: $35


No Gut, No Glory


Buy: $14


NCAA Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

best-bottle-openers-wall-mounted-ncaaBuy: $20


Bruntmor Opener With Magnetic Cap Catcher

best-bottle-openers-wall-mountedBuy: $25


Cast Iron Grizzly Bear


Buy: $7


Yeti Wall-Mounted Opener


Buy: $22


Take Your Top Off


Buy: $18


Drink Up, Sailor

best-bottle-openersBuy: $21


Rustic Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

coolest-bottle-openers-wall-mountedBuy: $34


Handmade Wall-Mounter Opener With Mason Jar Cap Catcher


Buy: $24


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