CoolingStyle Is A Portable, Battery-Powered Air Conditioner You Can Take Anywhere

Wouldn’t going outside in the summer be so much better if you had air conditioning? The answer is yes. People who think it should be hot and make you sweaty can go now. Don’t worry I’ll hold the door for you. Anyway, for those of us who know that being at a comfortable, climate-controlled temperature is the best, the CoolingStyle is a must-have.

CoolingStyle is literally a portable air conditioning unit that you can take anywhere. It weighs just 11 pounds and is about the size of a backpack. But, it can cool off a 55 sq/ft room in just a few minutes. It uses environmentally friendly refrigerant and a rotary compressor system for low-sound and high-efficiency. But, chances are you’ll be taking it to a place that isn’t a small room. For example, the great outdoors.

This awesome gadget is great for camping and cooling off a tent. Take it to the beach to tan without the sweat. Or bring it to the office and make your coworkers jealous. You can power the unit with a normal outlet, a car charger, or the CoolingStyle battery. As a bonus, the device includes several other useful features. Charge your phone with two USB ports, see in the dark with an ultra-bright LED, and scare off mosquitos with a silent, ultrasonic bug repellent. Yep, cool and no bugs. You’re basically inside but you can stop hearing your friends complain that you never come outside. You’re welcome. Learn More


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