Keep Your Bourbon Colder, Longer With The Whiskey Edge

Whiskey Edge

Many men gravitate towards whiskey stones in place of ice cubes or balls (or water) because they don’t like how watered down and diluted the whiskey becomes over time. Enter the Whiskey Edge from Corkcicle, a new and revolutionary take on the large square or circular ice cubes typically drank with whiskey. Buy Here

The Whiskey Edge is a new shape of ice cube, one designed to come in less contact with the whiskey itself and more contact with the glass, and the end result here is the Whiskey Edge keeps your whiskey colder for longer.

Whiskey Edge

The Whiskey Edge from Corkcicle comes with a double-old fashioned whiskey glass as well as the Whiskey Edge silicone ice form which allows you to make two of the cubes at a time.

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