The Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit Gives You a Cozy Way To Entertain

Temperatures are dropping, but the need to be outside continues to rise. Who doesn’t love chatting around a cozy bonfire on a chilly night? And there’s no bonfire or outdoor entertainment without delicious and gooey s’mores. The pandemic’s brought us to spending more time outdoors than in, especially when it comes to small gatherings. Bring the bonfire home with a fire pit right in your backyard.

The fire pits from Cowboy Cauldron Company are unique additions to any outdoor space. Mike Bertelsen started the company after building a Cauldron for himself, which caught the interest of friends and snowballed into a full-time career. To Bertelsen, the importance of a fire pit is not only in the product itself, but the hosting experience. The Cowboy Cauldron Company wants to bring a memorable communal experience around their fire pits. They believe they can bring together folks from all walks of life.

Portable, light, and rugged design

The Dude is the most portable option from the Cowboy Cauldron Company. While portable, it is by no means small. It’s a tripod fire pit featuring a suspended solid steel cauldron that hangs from an overbuilt chain. It stands at 5 feet tall and is made of solid steel. The Dude is rugged and sturdy, but not a chore to move around with the cauldron weighing at a manageable 35 lbs. The total weight of the Dude is 110 lbs. The Cauldron is designed to be disassembled to fit in the trunk of your car. The legs are segmented for easy transportation and breaks down similarly to a tent pole. 

The solid materials and design mean it can endure a lifetime of use and abuse. The Dude has a 24-inch basin and includes a stainless steel, one-piece charcoal/firewood grate for grilling. It’s large enough to hold a standard campfire. You can grill and socialize all night and stay warm while doing it. A rain cover is included as well to protect the Cauldron from the elements. Get yours for $899. Buy Here

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