The Cray X Exoskeleton Is the Future of Worker Safety

When we think of exoskeletons, the future comes in mind. There are powered exoskeletons in films like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and District 9 or that comedic training scene in Spaceforce. They show a version of a high-tech future in an exaggerated way.

While we don’t have armored genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist vigilantes (yet?), our present day’s tech is astounding as well. An exoskeleton is an external skeleton that supports and protects an animal’s body, also commonly called shells.

Animals like grasshoppers, cockroaches, crabs, and lobsters have this. Humans, on the other hand, don’t have that protection or support, so we need a bit of engineering.

Light, smart, and powerful

With literally backbreaking work done around the world everyday, more and more workplaces are using assistive exoskeletons to protect their employees. Think construction, warehouse, and delivery workers.

One of the newest comes from German Bionic, the world leader in the development of robotic exoskeletons. Their latest generation of their smart power suit is the fourth generation Cray X. The device is powered by dual high-performance servo motors that protect and support workers when lifting heavy loads up to 28 kg (61.7 lbs) for up to eight hours.

The Cray X features a lightweight carbon fiber frame. The frame actively amplifies the wearer’s movements and protects the lower back from excessive strain. Carbon fiber is significantly stronger than steel but a fraction of its weight.

It’s widely used in all manners of high-tech applications such as the aerospace industry and Formula 1 racing. The Cray X also has automatic OTA software updates and can easily connect to any Smart Factory ecosystem. This produces productivity as well as health and safety. 

German Bionic has a flexible pricing model that makes the Cray X affordable for any company from small businesses to large corporations. Companies also save by significantly reducing the risk of injury, so it’s a no brainer in terms of boosting worker safety. Buy Here