Cricket Lets You Hop From Place To Place

Traveling can be difficult. Booking hotel rooms, renting cars, wanting to spend more time outside but having to worry about getting from place to place can turn a relaxing trip into a nightmare.

Traveling with kids makes it that much harder. Maybe you’re thinking about camping? A camper is too pricey and just too big for most people, but a tent is far too small. We have something you might be interested in. The Goldilocks of travel one might say.

Meet Your New BFF

Cricket by TAXA is a one of a kind tow-behind camper. It is inspired by NASA designs which makes it both sleek like a rocket ship but also practical…also like a rocket ship.

It has enough room for two adults and not one, but two kids. Just when you were thinking this might be too rugged for you to shove four people into a small space let us remind you it has integrated plumbing and electrical systems. Ahhh yes, the luxuries of modern life.

Isn’t She Lovely?

Weighing in at 1,800 pounds and 15 feet in length this bad boy can be easily tucked away while you’re at home. Cricket can be towed by almost all 4 cylinder vehicles so you won’t have to worry about making another investment.

No need to worry about getting stuffy in Cricket either because it comes equipped with four swing windows complete with shades and screens. Meanwhile, five mesh windows and upper tent panels facilitate airflow and let you take in the views.

There is also plenty of room for storage in Cricket as the floor opens up to reveal cubbies for all of the necessities.

For Anyone And Everyone

Whether you and your significant other are ready to take on the open road, or you are looking to drop the monogamy of your daily routine Cricket is ready for you. Buy Here

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