CRKT Provoke Kinematic: More Than a Knife

Many people get knives as collector’s items, or tools for carving, whittling, or hunting. However, a knife at its origin is a weapon. It’s something to defend and protect yourself with. The CRKT Provoke Kinematic knife may just be the best knife on the market when it comes to defense. This is a knife of the future.

Kinematic Tech

You could argue that any knife can be used as a weapon and it’d be hard to argue against that. If it’s somewhat sharp, it can be used to defend yourself. However, this CRKT knife takes this much more seriously. It’s not a novelty item, it’s a tool for servicemen, first responders, and those who put their lives in danger to protect others. The blade is forged of D2 grade steel and finished in titanium nitride. That means it’s incredibly strong and will hold its sharp edge longer than anything else.

Each of the intricately designed pieces in the handle are comprised of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s hard and extremely lightweight. This is all very useful and impressive, but what makes this knife unique is the Kinematic design. This means that while the knife is being held or stored the handle is folded up to keep the blade covered. It allows it to be carried safely and discretely. However, when trouble strikes it quickly snaps open into deployment. Everything about this knife is made to serve and protect those who use it.

Many knives serve as great novelty or collector’s items. The CRKT Provoke Kinematic knife is nothing like this, it’s a knife meant to be used for defense. It’s stronger and sharper than others, the design and money that went into this weapon was not wasted on a fancy handle carving or colorful blade. It’s made purely to be used and abused, and with the Kinematic handle, it is always ready at a moments notice. When your safety is on the line, why trust anything else? Buy Here

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