CRN’s Luxury Yachts Will Have You Drooling

What do you picture as luxury? Twenty-car garages, penthouses, and private jets? Take it up another level and imagine cruising on your own luxury yacht. Nothing screams luxury like relaxing on a 80m steel monster on the open sea. CRN is one of the best in the industry and their 50 year history is decorated with great achievements and ingenuity.

CRN’s mark in shipbuilding history

CRN, or Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali, was founded in 1963 by Sanzio Nicolini, who started building steel and aluminum boats in Ancona. These materials weren’t used regularly as wood was preferred at the time. The choice was radical and a definitive moment for the shipyard and the Italian modern industry. The shipyard had immediate success and was well established as a high-end builder with an impressive, selective, and demanding clientele. At the end of the 60’s, CRN’s yachts were ranging from 15m to 20m and the designs were recognizable. The shipyard then built its first series of 23m vessels, the SuperConero, followed by larger and even more prestigious boats. CRN worked with many important designers, establishing their international reputation. Today, CRN is one of the largest shipbuilding operations in Europe.

Some notable giants from CRN include the 80m Chopi Chopi, 72m Azteca, and most recently, 75m Begallta. The prominent Italian luxury yacht builder also produces “smaller” motor yachts, like the 43m Eviva, 60m Blue Eyes, and 54m Alouette II, formerly the Ability. While these builds may be smaller than their larger relatives, yachts like the Alouette II offer plenty of space and luxurious amenities.

Relax like you’ve never before

Alouette II was custom built in 2006 by CRN with exterior and interior design by Zuccon International Project. She features a steel hull and aluminum superstructure with a 10.21m beam and a 3m draft. The vessel has a range of 4200 nm, a 125,000l fuel tank, and the water tank holds 24,000l. The two Caterpillar 3512B engines give the Alouette II a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum of 15.

At 54.2m, Alouette II offers ample room, accommodating 12 guests onboard and 10 crew members. The crew have six cabins and the area has its own access in the sub-deck. There’s also the crew mess with dinette, a laundry room, and plenty of dry storage. There are six suites for guests: one owner’s suite, three VIP cabins, and two twin cabins. The VIP and twin cabins are located on the lower deck. Each cabin has a private bathroom and feature beautiful, ornate decorations. The owner’s suite is on the upper deck, where the captain’s cabin, radio room, bridge, and sky lounge are also housed. Alouette II’s highlights include a gym, sauna, Turkish bath, dining area for 12, large sundeck, swimming pool, as well as a sunbathing area.

The main deck is occupied primarily by the saloon, where you can lounge in dark contrasting sofas while listening to classics like Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” or Debussy’s “Clair de lune” on the impressive Steinway grand piano. Hit up the bar when you need some Pinot Noir or perhaps an Old Fashioned to accompany the music. You’d never want to leave the Alouette II. Learn More


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