Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay – Now You Can Wear Bitcoin On Your T-Shirt

Chances are you’ve heard of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies that are sweeping the globe. Bitcoin’s explosive growth a few months ago brought a lot of attention to them for both tech insiders and the general public. How can you make a highly technical, somewhat boring technology better? Put it on a graphic tee of course! Like everything in pop culture, if it isn’t on a t-shirt, does it really even exist? Now, thanks to this awesome shirt, you can wear your favorite cryptocurrency proudly across your chest.

The shirt has a techy, network-connected design that features some of the most popular cryptocurrencies being used today. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more are all represented. The 100% cotton shirt is lightweight and designed to fit comfortably on bodies of all sizes. Choose from any of 5 colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, or Purple. You can represent your favorite currency every time you slide on this shirt. Just in case you don’t already tell everyone at your family reunion about how you sold your car to invest in Bitcoin. At least your new shirt won’t shake its head at you.

This comfy tee helps you invest not only in the future of currency, but the future of your closet. The only problem now is that you can’t purchase it from Amazon using your cryptocurrency yet. Maybe you can petition for them to start accepting ShirtCoin while rocking your new threads.  Buy Here

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