Custom Singer Porsche Is A Beauty Of Scientific Engineering

A Porsche by itself is already a beautiful car. The wonderful folks over in Germany see to that. However, when a car gets old, a crossroad appears. You can abandon it for a newer model and let it waste away. Or, you can give it a chance at second-life, refurbishing and reimagining it to be even better than it was in its prime. That’s what the folks at Singer are all about. Thanks to a “Dynamics and Lightweighting Study” (DLS), this beautiful car now gets that chance.

Singer Vehicle Design specializes in restoring and modifying existing Porsche automobiles. They don’t sell the cars or make them, but they make client’s dreams come true. We have to assume that if cars could dream, Singer makes their dreams come true too. After all, the custom work they do helps bring the cars up a level.

This project involved a 27-year-old Porsche 964. A client asked the question “What If?” in regard to a question posed by Formula 1 drivers and makers. How do we make this car lighter and perform better?

The Singer designers did their job well, pulling together results from the DLS study and putting them into this car. It features a Porsche four-valve, four-camshaft, naturally aspirated, 500HP flat-six engine custom-built by Williams Advanced Engineering. It also has an underbody and surface that are optimized for aero performance. The vehicle’s suspension is more lightweight and has a better geometry for better performance. Finally, the use of magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber give the vehicle a minimal weight of just 2180lbs. Learn More


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