4 Custom Wooden Beard Combs As Awesome As Your Beard

custom wooden beard combs

With so many different beard styles to grow these days, it’s only natural that every wooden beard comb be just as unique. You can’t go around combing your beard with a $1 black plastic brush from the barber. That is disgusting and you are not disgusting are you? No. You are not. That is why men need to use custom wooden beard combs. Preferably, you will use one that is as awesome as the hair on your face.

If you’re not using a wooden beard comb, you’re doing yourself dirty. Unlike their plastic comb rivals, wooden combs won’t leave any static build-up and will reduce beard frizz. Handmade wood comb will untangle your beard hair and leave the follicles smoother with a natural shine.

Custom Wooden Beard Combs

Boba Fett Wooden Beard Comb

custom wooden beard combsMade of sustainable oak wood and finished with organic oil to protect wood from moisture and dust, this Boba Fett custom wooden beard comb is perfect for keeping the beard looking good in any galaxy. Buy Here


Custom Punisher Wooden Beard Comb

custom wooden beard combsFrank Castle had a little bit a gruff but you’ve got a face full of follicles. Don’t Punish your beard. Treat it well with this awesome Punisher beard comb. The sturdy yet flexible fine tooth finish gets through any hair or beard thickness meaning no snags. The handcrafted teeth won’t catch in your hair or cause a tangle in your beard. These wooden beard combs have a 100% handmade finish which means that each comb is crafted with the tender care & inspected before shipment. Buy Here


Wooden Beard Comb Brass Knuckles

You’re beard makes you look tough (maybe) but this brass knuck comb will make you look even tougher (debatable). Each comb is 3-stage, hand sanding to furniture grade smoothness. Sturdy yet flexible fine tooth finish will power through any hair or beard thickness. Just don’t attempt to use this comb to power through any bar fights. Buy Here


Big Red Beard Anchor Custom Wooden Comb

From the grandaddy of the custom beard comb game, this Big Red beard combs is crafted with laminated technology, ensuring that every comb is made as tough as possible. The four layers add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb and it will last forever, which is WAY longer than your beard will be around. Buy Here

Bonus: How to Comb Your Beard

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