Cut In Half Is A Book That Takes You Inside Your Favorite Everyday Items

Ever wondered what the inside of your drill looks like? How about the guts of your vacuum cleaner? Or maybe what makes that annoying singing fish that goes on the wall work? If you want to know what’s inside your favorite everyday objects but don’t want to tear them apart, then this book is for you.

Cut In Half is a one-of-a-kind book from Mike Warren, creator of the ever popular Cut In Half YouTube channel. Mike is a designer and fabricator who loves cutting things cleanly down the middle. Almost as much as you’ll love looking at them. Seriously, who would have guessed that the inside of a golf ball would look so satisfying. He uses a high-pressure waterjet that can cut through 4 inches of steel to make the ultra-smooth slices.

Check out the insides of a boom box, boxing gloves, oil filters, seashells, and more. Throughout, Mike describes the inner workings of each in a never-before seen view. Sure, you could learn how things work the normal way, but it’s way cooler to do it by looking right into the center. Maybe Mike could work on cutting through an iPhone to see why they slow down as soon as a new one comes out.

You’ll love each and every page that is filled with high definition pictures of your favorite things cut in half. Best of all, you can keep your actual possessions intact and see inside them at the same time. Oh, and this is a full-length book by the way. Mike decided not to cut it in half. Buy Here

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