Cut Things Like a Pro With the Greenworks PRO Cordless Chainsaw

Age is just a number. Not sure if you’re really an adult yet? Maybe you’re still having Pop-Tarts and SpaghettiOs for dinner on the daily. Or you don’t know how to do your own laundry. These are two of the many essential things to tick off the adulthood checklist. There are other skills and items that pave your way to earning that badge as well that aren’t used as regularly. These may not sound as important for your day-to-day but are still sure signs that you’re on your way to being an adult. 

One such thing is having a well-stocked tool kit. You probably know and have the basics: a hammer, screwdriver, and drill. But when there’s something bigger in mind like some other grown-up tasks—say, cutting trees or logs or building furniture—you need a chainsaw. When you’re operating a chainsaw, the last thing you want to be bothered about while worrying about your fingers is the cord. 

Lightweight, durable, and powerful

The Greenworks PRO 18-inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw is a great tool for worry-free sawing. Greenworks Tools is a leading manufacturer of battery-powered outdoor tools for DIY-consumers and landscaping professionals alike. They have a robust line of products including a range of 24 to 82-volt battery-powered equipment, corded equipment, and reel mowers. The Cordless Chainsaw delivers up to 150 cuts through 4” x 4” pressure-treated lumber with a fully charged 2Ah battery. It has power that’s comparable to a 45cc gas chainsaw but without the gas and fumes. Also being cordless, this chainsaw makes cutting things easy. 

It has a rapid 30-minute charge with the standard 80V 2Ah battery and multiple battery capacity. The chainsaw features steel bucking spikes and a durable metal wrap-around handle. It also has an electronic chain brake for safe operation. The automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain for durability and extended life. The chainsaw also has a translucent oil tank for a clear view of the oil levels. Its digital controlled brushless motor gives you more torque, longer run-time, quiet operation, and longer life. You can be guaranteed that the Greenworks PRO Cordless Chainsaw will perform at the highest level and if not, Greenworks provides a full four-year warranty. Buy Here

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