Cutwater Cocktails, The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Whether you are a beer person, wine person, or water person we can all agree it is fun to enjoy a cocktail here or there. The problem is they are so time-consuming to make.

They taste so good that you suck them down within minutes. Then it takes way too long to make another.

Of course, you can’t forget about the store’s worth of ingredients and garnishes that you need to really send your drink over the edge. On a normal day, it’s just easier to crack open a beer or a bottle of wine. Well, worry no more because Cutwater has made premium canned cocktails.

Whatcha Got?

Cutwater is more than just canned cocktails. It’s actually a full-fledged distillery that makes a huge variety of spirits.

However, it’s canned cocktails are a big part of what makes it special. They let you enjoy the complex flavors of a Tiki Rum Mai Tai or a Spicy Bloody Mary without mixing a thing. 

Want a margarita for taco night? No problem. Try out the Tequila Lime Margarita in a can and skip the blender. 

If you’re trying to get in with the hipster crowd just crack open a can of Vodka Mule or Whiskey Mule. With 18 different canned cocktail creations, there’s no reason to mix a drink yourself ever again.

A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more unusual cocktails.

Some say that the Elderflower Vodka Spritz is like a sip of summer put into a can. This drink is like a normal vodka spritz, you know vodka and tonic water, but Cutwater added notes of elderberry and lemon for a fancy twist.

Whiskey Lemon Tea is the perfect yin and yang drink. It starts with Cutwater’s award-winning bourbon and mixes it with the smoothness and high notes of herbal tea.

Horchata Cold Brew begins with a horchata vodka and is blended with medium-body roasted cold brew. Nothing will wake you up and start you off on the right foot in the morning quite like vodka and coffee.

There is no need to shun mixed drinks anymore because you don’t have time. Cutwater has your back. Get taste testing! Buy Here

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