Ride in Style on the Fairways and in the Streets With CycleBoard Golf

There’s no shortage on ways to get around nowadays. Sure, we’re not at Jetsons-level travel yet, but we’ve got rideshare, hoverboards, and scooters! That’s close, right? For those who don’t want to take public transportation or drive and want to put their own effort in getting from point A to B, bike- and scooter-sharing systems are the way to go. Bike-sharing is pretty common in most major cities in the country, but scooters are still refining their sharing systems and slowly making their way. If you’re itching to hop on a scooter and too impatient to wait for a sharing system to reach your city, CycleBoard has you covered.

A different way to travel locally

CycleBoard’s business is built on three-wheeled electric scooters, which they call boards. These boards are designed to be ridden thousands of miles for many years. The team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers hope that CycleBoard will transform the way people travel locally. Boards utilize an intuitive, lean-to-steer platform that reduces the risk of falling that you normally associate with stand up riding vehicles like scooters, skateboards, and segways. This stability makes it easy for nearly anyone to easily step on and take a ride. CycleBoard currently offers four models: Sport, Elite, Elite Pro, and Rover.

The Sport, Elite, and Elite Pro models are designed for the streets and feature a more sleek and minimalist design. While these models are lightweight, they still pack quite some power. The Sport has a top speed of 17 mph and the battery lasts up to 12 miles. The Elite tops at 22 mph with up to 12-20 mile range. The Elite Pro takes the Elite up 5 mph and 5 mi range in battery for a top speed of 25 mph and up to 25-mile range. If you’re looking to tackle more rugged terrain, CycleBoard’s Rover has a 25 mph top speed and up to 30-40 mile range. The design is similar to the other three models, but features a slightly more rugged look and 10-inch all-terrain tires.

Modern tech and design for a modern ride

CycleBoard takes the Rover to another level in ruggedness with the latest model: Golf. The Golf features a powerful yet quiet drivetrain with enough torque to tackle even the toughest hills on the course. Not only is the Golf great on the greens, but for any place with less than smooth streets. There’s plenty of advanced tech in the Golf, providing smooth acceleration, full speed control, auto-deceleration, and an automatic parking brake. For when you’re hitting the greens, the Golf also comes with a removable golf bag integrated into the stability bar or a convenient golf bag mount for quick access to your favorite club.

The Golf is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and features a reinforced stainless steel handle. The backlit LCD display shows battery life, the speedometer, and odometer. The Golf has a top speed of 14 mph and up to 30-mile range battery life. The board can climb to 40 degrees incline. The shock-absorbing inflatable tires make sure you can handle whatever comes your way.

The quick folding handle design all CycleBoards have made it easy to collapse and store. The board weighs 68 lbs and can carry up to 250 lbs. The Golf is recommended for riders 5’ to 6’8” tall. At $2,699, this is the most expensive board from CycleBoard, but if you’re looking for something that tackles tough terrain on or off the course and an exciting new ride, Golf is worth a try. Learn More

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