“Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes” Is Basically A Training Manual For Dads

Has your dad ever joked about something he “learned in dad school?” If so, he’s probably referring to the book titled “Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes.”

From the title that’s a perfect summary onward, this book only continues to get better. Who doesn’t love an ultra-cheesy dad joke? Despite the fact that they aren’t usually very funny, they never fail to put a smile on your face.

Now, dads in training, old dads, young dads, single dads, and every other dad in between can learn a few new jokes for their repertoire.

In Their DNA

It seems like all dads have that knack for poorly-timed, basic jokes written in their DNA. However, it takes some of them more time to master the skill than others. This book will help bring it to the forefront in no time at all.

It should come with a warning, though. If you aren’t ready for a day filled with “Okay, guys, hang on I’ve got another one” then you might need to pass on this. Once a dad gets his hands on this book, it’s game over.

For All Dads

To be clear, the jokes found in this book are the type that will make non-dads groan and roll their eyes while hating themselves for laughing. Yet, isn’t that the goal of a dad joke?

This book makes the perfect gift for any dad in your life. Whether it’s a birthday gift, an early Father’s Day present, or just because, it will certainly make their day.

Better yet, the cover includes a blank space for you to include your name to show who it’s from. This personal touch, along with the jokes inside, will make it something your dad can cherish forever. Buy Here



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