Time to Add Some Surrealism on Your Wrist

`Salvador Dali is best known for “The Persistence of Memory,” a surrealist painting of ants and melting clocks in a seaside landscape. The surrealist master is just as well known for his amazing mustache. He even published a photography book with his friend in 1954 called Dali’s Mustache.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild decided to put all the awesome things about Dali into a watch. The Salvador Dali Surreality Watch is perfect for any art fan, or even for someone who just appreciates amazing facial hair. The watch comes boxed in a beautiful black tin display case. It includes a battery and has a Japanese quartz movement.

The 33mm diameter watch face features Dali himself in an oil painting style. His moving mustache serves as the watch’s hour and minute hands. A rotating mustache sounds like the perfect thing for a watch, doesn’t it? It gets even better. An ant ticks off the seconds as it circles the watch’s rim. This is another awesome nod to his famous painting. A genuine leather band completes the watch in style. You may not be able to afford “The Persistence of Memory,” but at $39.95, you can get a slice of surrealist style on your wrist! Buy Here


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