Lux Row Distillers Relaunches Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Kentucky’s home to many things: Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby, great barbecue, and possibly most famously, bourbon. As the bourbon capital of the world, Kentucky produces approximately 95% of the world’s bourbon whiskey. Lux Row Distillers is the premier distillery serving Bardstown, Kentucky and surrounding areas. The distillery measures over 18,000 square feet and there are six barrel warehouses and a 43-foot custom copper still. Lux Row has the capacity to produce 3 million gallons of spirit per year. They are the home to popular bourbons with histories ranging from decades to over a century. These historic bourbons are Rebel Yell, Ezra Brooks, David Nicholson, Blood Oath, and Daviess County.

A bourbon rich in both flavor and heritage

Daviess County Distilling Company was one of the first great bourbon distilleries in Kentucky and one of the few to survive Prohibition. Their heritage dates back to 1874 and they made it possible for more than a dozen other distillers to open in the county pre-Prohibition. Lux Row is reintroducing Daviess County Bourbon in honor of the county’s rich history and impact in the bourbon business.

This special re-launching of Daviess County Bourbon includes three ultra-premium variants. These are Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon – Cabernet Sauvignon Finish, and Daviess County Kentucky Straight Bourbon – French Oak Finish. The bourbon features a unique blend of traditional ryed and smooth wheated mashbills, giving your tastebuds a balance of sweetness and spice. All three variants have 48% ABV and are bottled at 96 proof in 750ml bottles. The Cabernet Sauvignon Finish rests for six months in cabernet sauvignon barrels from the Napa region in California. The French Oak Finish rests in French oak barrels for six months for a hint of dry oak. The Kentucky Straight Bourbon flavors all have a honey, vanilla, and caramel aroma and palate. Enjoy a long, warm, sweet finish with a hint of spice when you indulge in these rich flavors. Buy Here

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