Davinci IQ Is The Vape Of The Future

Vaping is all the rage in the last few years. However, like all trends, this has led to a rash of poor-quality vaping devices on the market. Not only do these reduce the flavor and quality of your smoke, they can be seriously harmful to your health. The Davinci IQ focuses on ensuring your vaping experience is pure and in your control.

The small device looks like it dropped out of 2318. It’s 51 light grid LED display lets you see exactly what the temperature is, your air path, and more. You can control the precise temperature of the Davinci from 250-430°F down to the degree. This means your experience can be just the way you like it.

You can control the device either using the built-in controls or by using the connected smartphone app. Adjust temperature, make custom settings, and see your usage stats. The Davinci uses a replaceable 18650 battery that lasts for up to 1.5 hours of usage. You can recharge it using the micro-USB port and even use it while it’s charging.

The Davinci IQ uses a zirconia mouthpiece and ceramic zirconia air path to ensure that the flavor of your smoke is pure and tastes just like it should. The highest quality parts along with the IQ’s Smart Path customization technology allow you to get an unrivaled vaping experience. So drop that cheap-o gas station vape and choose something better for you and something that makes your experience more enjoyable. Buy Here




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