Try Not To Die While Taking On The Death Nut Challenge

Sure, “Death Nut Challenge” sounds like it could be something other than a literal sack of peanuts. But this is no ordinary snack. It is the ultimate challenge for anyone who loves spicy foods and hates their mouth. Your free t-shirt from a hot wing contest will shrivel up when it lays eyes upon this bag of hellish spice. If you don’t do the same then you might just be crazy.

These Carolina reaper peanuts are arguably one of the hottest foods on Earth. Since the Death Nut Challenge is now on Volume II, the makers have had more time to increase your misery. Perhaps you’ve heard of the spicy one tortilla chip challenge? This one puts it to shame. You won’t be like one of the lucky survivors who compared it to a Dorito. No, no. The Death Nut Challenge has earned its name through countless tears of its victims.

After listening to thousands of customers from Version 1 of the challenge, Death Nut comes back with an even hotter peanut. They start with an all-new pepper blend that uses the top 6 hottest peppers on Earth. There is also a new coating process that improves the flavor (good luck tasting it through your pain) and the crunch. Each peanut is then topped off with a sprinkle of 13,000,000 SHU pure Capsaicin crystals. In case you don’t know, Capsaicin is the ingredient in peppers that makes them hot. It literally activates the nerves in your body to send signals (of pain). Imagine how hot some peppers are, now imagine how hot the pure spice is.

That’s what you get to enjoy when trying the Death Nut Challenge Vol. II. Your tongue will be burning, your stomach will revolt, and well, you know the rest. Let’s just say that these nuts are not as fun the second time around.

Are you convinced that you need to try it yet? Ready to prove yourself to a growing internet community of Death Nut Challenge survivors? Grab yourself a bag today.

The best part is that you don’t have to suffer alone. Each bag splits into 5 sections. Every one gets hotter until you reach the final stage: The Death Nut. With three peanuts in each section, you can drag two friends into misery with you.

The Death Nut Challenge is a must complete for anyone who calls themselves a spicy food lover. It is also great for fundraisers, parties, and perhaps even a gag gift. Who wouldn’t love scorching their mouth on the world’s hottest peanut?

Think you have what it takes to beat the Death Nut Challenge? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to see your tears after eating these spicy peanuts. Buy Here


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