Go Back To The Future With The Delorean Time Machine Rental

When it comes to iconic Sci-Fy movies there are a few that instantly come to mind. Without ‘Back To The Future’ and the two following films, the list of top Sci-Fy flicks feels incomplete. This incredibly high level of fame of fandom has made the already unique and special Delorean DMC-12 gain an even larger following. While the car in stock form definitely has its flaws, it’s hard to resist when outfitted in all its time travel tech. And now you can rent it in its full movie spec.

Rent the Worlds Most Iconic Movie Star Car

The Delorean DMC as a normal road car is far from perfect. When it first hit the market in 1981 it was far too expensive and was in little demand. After being out for several years the many reliability issues started to reveal themselves. Nevertheless, this car is an undeniable icon. Everyone dreams of hitting 88 mph in one of these bad boys (on a closed course of course…), especially while it is dressed up in the full time traveling rig as seen in the movies. Thanks to Time Machine Rental, they have gotten their hands on over 50 of these quirky cars and are available for rental.

Nearly all vehicles are street legal, meaning you could take them down any open road you please to show off. Several of these cars even have aftermarket upgrades, including a higher output engine built by DMC of Houston. They can sip them nearly anywhere for little upcharge, so distance is no excuse for keeping you out of one of these.

The Delorean DMC-12 is an interesting car. It’s got exotic and distinct looks, a unique shape, but failed to grow on its own from the issues which have plagued it. However in 1985 with the help of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, the car became a time-traveling icon. Now thanks to Time Machine Rental you can have your very own Delorean Time Machine for a day. After all, “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one”, perhaps in one of these. Rent Here



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