A Minimalistic Lifestyle Is Yours With Den Cabins

At Den Cabins, their motto is to bring you a simple yet elegant design that’s meant to stand the test of time and give you both peace of mind and comfort.

Allow the anxieties of your materialistic life to melt away as you step into your Den Cabin. Become one with nature and live the sustainable, off the grid life you have always dreamed of. Do it with Den Cabins.

Start Here

You can begin by buying Den Cabin’s starter pack. It includes a ruler, carpenter pencil, samples of houses, detailed instructions, and patches. The kit teaches you how to choose a site for your minimalist hideaway and a blueprint for one of Den Cabins’ stunning builds.

You then take the plans to your local building department to get the stamp of approval. Finally, you can start the build or hire a contractor to bring your cabin to life.

Choosing Your Forever Den

Den Cabins has many different building styles to give you an array of options. You can start with a simple cabin or look at the A-frame bunk cabin for something that closely mimics nature.

They offer a loft cabin for those wanting more space and a modern alpine cabin for both space and natural lines. You could build something small like their tiny house cabin or something large like their modern loft barn house. Whatever your heart desires, there’s something for you in the Den Cabins catalog.

Becoming One

Den Cabins let you become one with nature. There is beauty all around us, we just have to look. All too often building a new home causes distress and scarring to mother nature. With Den Cabins you build with mother nature, not on top of her. You become part of the beloved landscape, allowing yourself to be swept up in the mysteries of nature. Like a bear coming home to its den, you will feel peace, love, and a sense of belonging. Learn more

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