Get A Deeper Reflection with this LED Infinity Mirror

You don’t usually walk into a room expecting to see a wormhole on the wall. What seems like a lit portal to the unknown is just a clever infinity mirror with the help of 120 energy efficient RGB LED lights. This visually stunning mirror from Diamond X Collection takes your room from 0 to 100 real quick with its color changing effects and trippy tunnel view. A touch-free infrared switch at the mirror’s base operates the lights. Simply swipe your hand near the sensor like you’re using the Force and voila!

Control the colors, effects, light brightness and speed with the handy remote. You’ll have 16 colors and four effects to choose from to create any kind of atmosphere or mood. The strobe and flash effects are perfect for a crazy club environment. Just add some beats! The fade and smooth options will keep things mellow for those more relaxing moments. When the whole infinity thing gets too intense or you just want to see your face, turn off the effects and you’ll just see a simple mirror. The frameless design keeps it sleek and modern, perfect for a minimalist space. But with the LEDs on, you’ll definitely get that wow factor. Just don’t try to step inside! Buy Here

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