Bring Jurassic Park to Your Halloween Party with This Dinosaur Costume

Remember watching Jurassic Park in the movie theater and thinking how cool it would be if you could actually interact with one of these majestic creatures? Well, thanks to this listing on Etsy, not only can you dress up like a T-Rex you can be the wrangler of such a beast. This amazing handmade costume is made from a steel frame, fabric, and sponge. 

To ride this dinosaur you’ll need to be able to handle walking with stilts while maintaining your balance. If you think the looks of this thing are cool, just wait until it roars. That’s right folks, this thing will give fellow party-goers a mouthful of dino breath when you use the head and neck movement functions. Don’t expect to drop a $100 for this rig, as this is no ordinary Halloween Costume. Instead, be ready to fork over $4,900 for this bad boy. Is it worth it? We’re not sure. But there is no doubt that if you’re deadset on being the talk of the party that this costume will do the trick. 


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