The Disaster Deck Keeps You Prepared for Any Natural Disaster

With how things are going for 2020, you never know what will hit us next. Manmade and natural disasters, like the rampant forest fires in the west coast, have headlined our news this year. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters have also devastated many parts of the world and it makes you wonder how prepared you are. Of course, having a bug out bag and extra supplies are good ideas, but you need more than just gear to survive. You need to be prepared with a plan. The Disaster Deck, from Terra Frma, is a handy pocket-sized set of cards that will help you through any natural disaster.

Terra Frma is a team of disaster experts, life coaches, first responders, and more. They created this system with their experience and expertise. Using psychology and simple guided steps, the Disaster Deck is created for users to easily understand while they’re in stressful situations.

Bite-sized survival guide for any situation

The Disaster Deck is the perfect resource when shit hits the fan. In situations like natural disasters, you may not have internet or time to search for quick solutions. The bulleted steps on each card is clear and easy to digest. The two-sided deck of cards is water-resistant and travel-friendly. Keep it in your pocket, bag, luggage, car, and anywhere handy. The cards have instructions for when you’re outside or in a vehicle. 

The categories covered include winter storm, landslide, tsunami, wildfire, volcano, heatwave, earthquake, flooding, tornado, and more. The cards are color-coded for quick reference. There’s also a “Be Well” card to create calm and balance for mental and emotional safety. Tips like taking deep breaths, drinking water, and speaking clearly will help you stay calm to get you through. Wherever you live or travel to, the Disaster Deck is a great tool to have at any time. You never know when you may need it, especially seeing how fortune’s not on our side this year. Buy Here

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