DIY Kits From 8BitDo Give Your Classic Console Controller Wireless & Bluetooth

We love classic consoles so much. No matter how great the graphics and stories are in current gen video games, we will never let go of that ancient NES or SNES console. Seriously, how can you beat the awesome games like 8-bit Mario, Donkey Kong, and the likes? Trick question. You can’t!

The only hassle with the old-time systems is that their controllers aren’t wireless. This means you have to sit way to close to the TV to be comfortable while you’re playing. Fun when you were 8, not fun anymore. Now, thanks to 8BitDo (and a little bit of work on your part) you can upgrade your controllers to be Bluetooth and wireless. Yes, this is real life.

8BitDo’s proprietary components mean that their mod kits are both awesome and 100% compatible. Your new controller will feature rechargeable battery capabilities and LED indicators to show what mode your controller is and its battery life. Should you have the desire to play wired-in again, you still can. This mod kit just gives you a way to play wirelessly.

It’s so easy, even a caveman could do it! Or you could! Unless you have a caveman sitting around to do it for you. All you have to do is unscrew the back of your controller and place the new circuit board in place of the old one. Easy as that.

Currently there are mod kits for the SNES/SFC Classic Edition Controller, the Original SNES/SFC Controller, the Original NES Controller, the Original MD Controller, and the NES Classic Edition Controller. Buy Here


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