DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Mini Drone Records Crisp 4K Video Of Your Adventures

Drones are one of the coolest innovations of the last few years. The incredible footage that they can capture, and the fun and ease of flight make them great for everyone. However, it can be tricky to take a large drone with you. From DJI, the world’s leader in personal drone technology, comes the Mavic Pro. It is a foldable mini drone that puts the fun back into flying and eliminates the worry.

The Mavic Pro is equipped with an extensive menu of features that help keep it safe and easy to fly. No matter how many RC helicopters you crashed as a kid, you won’t be able to ruin your new drone. A battery of satellite and vision sensors keep the drone in the air and safe from obstacles. Whether it’s a tree branch, a doorway, or the ground, the Mavic Pro can see obstacles and automatically avoid them.

A 4K camera is stabilized underneath by a miniaturized gimbal to ensure that your video is always smooth and crystal clear. We assume that some kind of magic was used to make all the features fit inside such a small package. When folded, you can easily carry the drone in a pocket, but when unfolded it has all the features of a full-sized drone. Well, a civilian drone anyway. This one won’t be able to fire missiles at your enemies. We’ll keep you posted when that one is released.

With an 8+ mile range on the controller, a 27-minute flight time, as well as auto-fly features for capturing professional-looking video, the Mavic Pro is everything you need in a drone. Yes, you need it. And you can take this one with you no matter where life’s adventure leads. Buy Here

mavic pro fly more

Mavic Pro Fly More

Mavic Pro Fly More

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