DMOS Packable Stealth Shovel Is A Must-Have Tool This Winter

DMOS Packable Stealth Shovel

People who live anywhere in the north should always be prepared for ungodly amounts of snow in the winter. But you shouldn’t just be prepared at home. Your car also needs to be equipped in case snow hits while you’re away from it and someone plows you in. An ice scraper isn’t going to help you when that happens. Enter the DMOS Packable Stealth Shovel. Not only does it weigh less than three and a half pounds, it is incredibly strong. In fact, it’s been stress tested in lab and field conditions to withstand 3886 pounds of force and Fahrenheit temperatures ranging from -40 to 170. So it is clearly up for any shovel worthy task you throw at is. Buy Here


  • Packable design collapses easily to 18″ x 9″ x 2.25″ for easy transport
  • Indestructible 2.5 mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum won’t bend
  • 56.5″ handle provides powerful leverage for quick shoveling
  • Oversize blade efficiently removes snow and dirt, with toothed edge for breaking up hard pack and grooming shoveled surfaces
  • Durable snow-shedding powder coat finish
  • Can survive any environment and suitable for use in all four seasons

DMOS Packable Stealth Shovel

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