Dock Dome Pro 6 Let’s You Camp Out In Any Weather

Is there anything sadder than packing up your camping gear in the garage for the winter? Not really. Usually, if you want to camp out in the winter, you need a camper or RV. But what if there was a better, easier way? After all, not all of us like being in the outdoors only to cram into a tiny metal box for the night. It takes away a lot of the fun. Fortunately, there’s the Dock Dome Pro 6. This versatile, unique tent lets you camp comfortably in all four seasons.

Ivory Pro Series

The Dock Dome Pro 6 hails from the Ivory Pro Series product line from outdoor gear manufacturer Snow Peak. This incredibly versatile tent is ready to withstand anything nature throws at it; or you inside.

This series includes two other tents as well. For example, the Land Station is a large tarp tent that can accommodate six to eight people comfortably. The Hexa Evo Pro is another tarp that gives you shelter overhead, perfect for a cooking space or a dining area.

The Specs

In total, Dock Dome Pro 6 weighs in at just over 28 pounds. This is not bad for an all-weather tent. It includes everything you need to camp comfortably. This includes the tent, fly sheet, long and short poles, duralumin pegs, rope with stoppers, seam sealant (in case you spring a leak), a pole case, a peg case, and a carrying case for the whole thing.

So, what exactly makes the Dock Dome Pro 6 an all-weather tent? The secret is in the design and how the whole tent comes together. Since the material of the tent covers you from ground to roof, you are essentially trapped in a box. The premium materials that make up the walls of the tent are then able to reflect your heat back inside to keep things warm in the winter. In the summer, open up vent flaps to stay cool thanks to specifically engineered ventilation patterns.

Premium Materials

The Dock Dome Pro 6 is able to withstand all the elements of nature thanks to its high-class materials. The flysheet holds up the outer layer with polyester taffeta that is PU coated to be highly water repellent. In fact, it is water resistant all the way up to 1,800 mm of pressure.

The inner layer of the tent is made of polyester ripstop. No worries about tearing when packing it up or setting it up. Finally, the tent floor is polyester Oxford that is PU coated for withstanding water pressures up to 10,000 mm.

The poles of the tent are ultra-light duralumin. This makes set-up a breeze while also ensuring you don’t have those nasty splintering fiberglass poles. All of us have got a splinter from those and no one wants another.

Finally, this tent is big enough to sleep the whole family. You can comfortably fit two adults and two children. You could probably fit four adults, but it would be a squeeze.

If you’re tired of putting your camping gear away for winter and want an all-weather solution, choose the Dock Dome Pro 6. Buy Here


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