These Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses Have An Unbeatable Price

double old fashioned glasses

Like a lot of men I like two things: whiskey and money. Well, I like other stuff too, like my dog, my girl, golf, football, etc., but these double old fashioned glasses by Marquis by Waterford hit the right notes when it comes to whiskey and not parting ways with my hard earned cash. That’s because you can now get this set of 4 double old fashioned glasses for an incredible price. 

These glasses come in the classic Waterford Markham pattern and they are perfect for serving up the finest scotch, whiskey or other mixed drinks. The glasses themselves have an 11 oz capacity and they are crafted of lead free crystalline in Italy. Similar quality glasses can go for over double this price, but why would you want to spend more with these give you everything you need. (See: a slick glass to swill booze out of). 

If you love this set of whiskey glasses but you are looking for an entire collection, then look no further because that is available too. You can get everything from the decanter down to highball glasses all in the Marquis by Waterford Markham pattern. Buy Here

double old fashioned glasses

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