Dozop Collapsible Dolly Makes Moving A Breeze

We never tend to think about how heavy things are until we go to move them. We have to imagine we are not the only ones in this category. Whether you’re moving something across town, across the state, or just down the hall, the Dozop Collapsible Dolly will make it a snap.

Most dollies are big and bulky metal pieces that can make moving even harder. They don’t fit through doors, they are still super heavy, and you have to find room to pack them into your car. All in all, usually just a pain.

Moving is stressful enough so let this innovative collapsible dolly help out. The dolly itself is plastic and the wheels rubber, making it easier to move around, unlike the big metal dollies. The rubber wheels work great on all types of surfaces including carpet. Dozop’s dolly only weighs 4.5 pounds allowing for easier transportation and lifting. Even though this dolly may be a small fry it is able to hold 250 pounds. That is more than 55 times its own weight! That is a better ratio than an ant’s strength to body weight.

What makes this dolly even more unique is its collapsible abilities. The wheels pop off and store conveniently in one of the arms of the dolly. The other arms then stack up on themselves and can be stored away. Reassembly takes less than a minute with no tools required.

This is the perfect dolly for all types of moves. Whether you’re moving your kid into college, moving into a new house or apartment or if you need to move big heavy boxes around the garage, you’ll be glad to have this little gadget on your side. Well, at your feet anyway.

The Dozop collapsible dolly isn’t only for the big jobs though. Many buyers have said they just use it around the house. Being that it is so small and can be used on carpet, thanks to its inline skate rubber wheels it’s great for when you need to move something heavy around the house and you don’t have that extra set of hands. Even if it’s just a stack of books, a chair, or even yourself, this dolly will make moving things easier and more fun.

With the Christmas season quickly approaching this makes a great gift for anyone in your life. Whether it’s the working man who could use this as a tool, the single mom who needs help moving things around, or the young couple getting ready to buy their first place, everyone could use a gadget like this. Hey! Maybe even get it for yourself. We don’t think there is a person reading this who couldn’t think of at least one time they could have saved their back trying to carry something they really shouldn’t have. You’ll thank us when you’re 60. Buy Here


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