This Book Is a Colorful and Insightful Look at Graphic Design

What makes a great coffee table book? Is it the size? Its hardcover format? Seemingly limitless amounts of pictures? Ability to hold a tray of candles? It’s all of that and “Pretty Much Everything” has got…pretty much everything you’d want in a coffee table book. Graphic designer Aaron James Draplin’s “Pretty Much Everything” is a survey of his work, case studies, inspiration, lists, and more. As one of the new school of influential graphic designers who put design, social media, entrepreneurship, and DIY all together, Draplin has created a successful business and way of life. His company, Draplin Design Co., is based in Portland, Oregon, and has had many big clients like Nike, Ford Motors, Esquire, and the Obama Administration. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table book to fit your aesthetic or you’re a budding designer, “Pretty Much Everything” is the perfect addition to your home.

Visually engaging with valuable insight

The book follows Draplin’s process behind his designs, including projects like his well-loved Field Notes notebooks and the “Things We Love” state posters. The designer’s humor is sprinkled throughout the book in his pointed observations, advice, and personal anecdotes. “Pretty Much Everything” gives readers a valuable and informative look at a successful graphic designer’s life and work. The book is a balance between autobiographical and the kind of shop talk you expect in a design book. There are countless examples of Draplin’s inspirational work, which means a very visually pleasing and beautiful book to look at. There’s plenty of attention to detail even at first glance. The front and back covers have a hard embossed effect and are filled with colorful logos from Draplin’s work. 

Throughout the whole book, readers can really get a feel for Draplin’s work ethic. It’s an eye-opening read that would give great insight for designers who are just starting out in the industry. Draplin’s heartfelt voice really delivers a personal touch to the book and you learn about the designer, not just the designs. Buy Here

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