Drink-A-Palooza Combines All Your Favorite Drinking Games Into One

Did reading that title put a certain game in your mind? Maybe you were a beer-pong champ or maybe spin the bottle was your thing. King’s Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters, or something else? Whatever your favorite drinking party game is, it’s likely found in the Drink-A-Palooza board game. This makes for great entertainment at your next party or is a great way to spice things up during game night.

Drink-A-Palooza comes with everything you need (except the alcohol) for a great time! The game board features many different spaces that correlate two different ways to drink and play. Throughout the game your goal is to fill your mini 6-pack with beer bottles. The first person to fill their pack wins! If you get bored, you can always change the goal and make the first person to finish their six pack of not-so-mini beers the winner. Or you could do that before the game to instantly make it 100x more fun.

What’s Included?

The game includes all the pieces you need to play right away, just supply the drinks. It comes with the beer pong balls, playing cards, and bottle spinner needed for all the games. Additionally, it comes with the mini 6-pack playing pieces and a set of dice. You’ll also need to find friends to play. You can play with as few as 2 and as many as 12 people. How many you’ll have depends on what kind of alcohol you get. Trust us, you don’t want to play this game with the cheap stuff. You’ll regret it the next day.

If you like to party, but can’t decide which game to play, play them all with Drink-A-Palooza! You and your friends will have a blast reliving college glory days (or celebrating them in the moment) with all your favorite drinking games. Play solo or in teams of two, the choice is up to you. This is one of the most popular party games ever made, so don’t miss out on the fun that Drink-A-Palooza adds to your party. Great for adults with the hard stuff or for teens with juice or soda, this game will be a hit for any occasion.

Want to hear a really funny joke? The makers of Drink-A-Palooza claim that, “this board game is not intended for alcohol.” Are you laughing as hard as we are. I mean come on, there is a solo cup on the front playing pong, the goal is to fill a mini six pack, and there is literally a beer bottle piece in the game. They aren’t fooling anyone. We see you game makers. And we appreciate your hard work to bring our favorite drinking games to life in board game fashion. But stop lying. We know that this was made for alcohol. Buy Here



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