The Drone Defence Paladyne® E1000MP Is a Portable Countermeasure System Against Drones

We’ve all seen them hovering and zooming about. Whether you think they’re a public nuisance or appreciate the clever ways people use them, drones have been one of the hot electronics for the past few years. But with privacy concerns or people using drones for less than savory purposes, it’s not too wild of a thought to have a drone-jamming device. That’s exactly what Drone Defence created. The company recently received £500,000 in seed funding from Scientel Solutions, a technology services company in Illinois. Drone Defence is using these funds to develop a suite of new products to protect against drones, starting with the Paladyne E1000MP.

A new solution for privacy protection 

The Paladyne E1000MP is designed to jam the command, video, and navigation signals of drones. At a first look, you’d think it’s a blaster from Star Wars. While we’re not quite there yet, the new Paladyne E1000MP is still a technical marvel. Weighing at 3.5 kg, or 7.7 lbs, it’s the most portable, compact, and lightweight counter drone solution developed. The jammer is available in white or black for added stealth. It’s also designed to be mounted on a rifle if necessary and the control box easily fits in your bag or pouch.

The jammer has a range of up to 1 km, a little short of 1 mi. Drone Defence says if you can see the drone, you can stop it. This can be used to protect individuals and organizations alike from prying eyes. When you’re ready to jam the signals, you just activate the pistol. It then sends a signal that blocks the drone’s operations. Once blocked, it’s sent back to its start location, forced to land, or sent away. You can also control what specific drone channels to jam. So you can activate the “Return to Home” function to trace the drone back to its operator. The Paladyne E1000MP has two hours of active time, over 12 hours of standby time, and charges in four hours. Buy Here

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