Dry Brew Coffee Chews Pack 6oz Of Coffee Into A Delicious Chewy Treat

Dry Brew Coffee Chews

Dry Brew Coffee Chews are here to supplement your coffee fix between cups of joe. They are a delicious candy chew with 6oz of coffee packed in. Eating your coffee can be just as delicious as drinking it, and that’s what you will soon discover. Buy It Now

We can lay it all out on the table here: there’s no shame in how much coffee you drink. I probably drink 3 cups of coffee daily and another one or two cups of espresso. The end result is that I sometimes find myself needing to hit the restroom during meetings.

Dry Brew Coffee Chews
Dry Brew Coffee Chews

This is where Dry Brew Coffee Chews come in. These delicious chews pack a 6oz cup of coffee into a tiny and deliciously chewable snack. They come 15 chews per package, and it comes out to just over $1 per chew (or 6 oz cup of coffee). Once you do the math, these truly are cheaper than buying coffee at the store. Not only are they cheaper, but Drew Brew Coffee Chews are absolutely delicious.

As a young child, I remember walking through the aisles of the grocery store with my mom and stopping when we got to the coffee aisle. I would always grab a single coffee bean from the station where people poured their own coffee, and I’d eat that coffee bean as a snack. The taste of coffee has been in my veins since I was a child. That’s why I was blown away to discover that I could combine my love of coffee flavor with a chewable snack.

These are perfect if you are in need of that caffeine fix on the go but can’t always find the time to drink a cup of coffee. These are ideal if you want a snack with a caffeine punch. And they are perfect if you enjoy the flavor of coffee like I do. Buy It Now

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