Get Your DIY on With Dude Crafts

Looking for a new hobby as your New Year’s resolution? Not sure whether to tackle archery, master baking the perfect apple pie, or build an end table? Before you dive deep into any one hobby, take it nice and easy with Dude Crafts by Mike Warren, and learn a little bit of everything from practical projects to hilarious gags. You might even find your own little side project from looking through the 50 projects in this guide!

Mike Warren is a designer and inventor whose work has been featured in Popular Science, The New York Times, Wired, BoingBoing, and elsewhere. He likes to build things out of whatever he can get his hands on and enjoys creating things that are functional, but whimsical. He is also the author of a maker book for young adults, 23 Things to Do Before You Are 11 ½, as well as other titles. Warren’s goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain and he shares some of his ingenious hacks and projects in Dude Crafts. His open source and helpful tutorials can also be found on Instructables, Autodesk, or YouTube.

Things you’ve never thought to make

Dude Crafts is separated in several chapters, starting with Fine Food & Spirits, where you can learn the very important project of a Baby Flask. Whether you’re looking to drink at the park or have a long train ride to the other side of town, smuggle your favorite beverage in a baby doll toy. You’ll just look like you’re kissing your precious child on the forehead. Just hope nobody wants to take a closer look! This would be a great gift for all your boozy pals or even a gag gift for an expecting friend.

As the holidays approach, Dude Crafts lets you tap into your creative juices (and your beer supply) and teaches you how to make a Beer Advent Calendar. Count down to Christmas with this clever DIY project. Mix it up with different beer styles like your favorite IPA, a new lager you wanted to try, your tried and true porter, and everything in between. Give your friends and family the gift of variety! This chapter also explores creating a Bottle Bandolier, Bottle Loft, Car Cuisine, Jigsaw Martini Shaker, and even cooking a lasagna in your dishwasher.

Fashion, pranks, and more

The High Fashion chapter teaches you how to make a ring from a coin, custom bleach-spray t-shirts, and a timing belt. Soon, you can open your own Etsy shop! Another chapter looks into the great outdoors, featuring projects such as the Booze-Bottle Ice Sheath, Paracord Bullwhip, and Swedish Torch. Now you can channel your inner Indiana Jones on your next hiking trip thanks to your paracord and Dude Crafts. The book also teaches you how to make a Swiss army knife for your keys, craft a tablet cover from an old book, make a bowl out of vinyl records, and more. It’s not all just cool decor and projects that make your life easier. This DIY guide also has several fun projects for the prankster in you, including outfitting an office chair with an air horn and the good ol’ head in a jar joke.

Each project has a list of supplies you need and step-by-step photo instructions to get you creating, including what the results should look like. Warren makes it all so easy to flex your maker muscles. You can mark everyone off your Christmas list with these hilarious and clever projects or just gift them the book—Dude Crafts makes a great gift for everyone! Buy Here


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