All Aboard the Durango Brew Train in the Colorado Mountains

We all love and enjoy Colorado for its outdoor adventures and natural beauty. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, or soaking in the hot springs, Colorado is the perfect destination to satisfy your cravings for adventure. If you’re looking for something different for the weekend or something other than Vegas for a bachelor’s party, the Durango Brew Train is an experience you need to have. The beer adventure is onboard an authentic 1920s steam locomotive that starts in Durango and goes through the scenic Animas Valley hundreds of feet above the Animas River. You’ll see farmlands, old stagecoach roads, remote power plants, old mining camps, snow-capped mountain peaks, and more. You may see a variety of wildlife ranging from deer and elk to black bears and bighorn sheep as well. The train will also stop at Cascade Canyon in the San Juan National Forest, where you’ll enjoy an amazing two-hour party.

Jaw-dropping views are only part of the Durango Brew Train experience. Beer, of course, is the other! Breweries including Brew, Steamworks, Ska, Animas Brewing Company, and Carvers Brewing will introduce you to samplings of their best and also teach you the brewing process. The two-hour party at Cascade Canyon in the middle of your trip will treat you to live music, a delicious luncheon, Bavarian treats like pretzels, and more beer. The trip starts at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:40 p.m., so it’s a lengthy, but fun adventure. Who ever thought a train ride could be so satisfying? The Durango Brew Train runs once or twice a year, so if you’re a beer and nature fan, you don’t want to miss this! Buy Here



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