The Durham Flannel From Mizzen+Main Is 2018’s Most Classic Button Down

Durham Flannel Black Watch Plaid Mizzen Main

Dallas-based Mizzen+Main has hit a home run with the black watch plaid Durham Flannel. This exquisite button-down shirt was actually released in late 2017 but I’m calling it the best shirt of 2018.

The Durham Flannel from Mizzen+Main combines two of our favorite things: comfortable and cozy flannel with performance fabrics. This is a shirt which can be worn to a classy dinner, job interview, or casually around town. The Durham Flannel is wrinkle resistant and travels extremely well. I can tell you this from personal experience because I received this shirt for Christmas. I then packed it up and took it in a suitcase to Europe for a week and the shirt was crisp 8 days later when I finally wore it.

I’ve been a sucker for black watch plain my entire life. It has something to do with my Scottish roots. So this particular button down from Mizzen+Main instantly struck a chord with me. It is machine washable with zero dry cleaning required. The back darts on the Durham Flannel give this shirt a tailored look and feel. Unlike most flannels which are just designed to keep you warm this shirt from Mizzen+Main will also keep you dry. I practically climbed a mountain on vacation while walking to dinner in my Durham Flannel and made it there looking crisp and fresh.

If you aren’t already familiar with Mizzen+Main they are a game-changing brand out of Texas. They have completely disrupted the market by introducing comfortable dress shirts with performance fabrics. The CEO and founder Kevin Lavelle recognized that traditional cotton dress shirts were cumbersome and antiquated. There’s no reason that modern technology shouldn’t be applied to classical dress shirt styles. From there, they launched an empire of the best modern dress shirts on the market. The Durham Flannel from Mizzen+Main is just the latest example of perfection. It is also setting the bar for excellence in 2018. Buy Now: $110 (Usually $130)

Durham Flannel Black Watch Plaid Mizzen Main

Durham Flannel Black Watch Plaid Mizzen Main

Durham Flannel Black Watch Plaid Mizzen Main

Durham Flannel Black Watch Plaid Mizzen Main

The Details:

  • A revolutionary made-in-the-USA button down shirt which harmonizes the warmth and comfort of flannel with modern performance fabrics
  • Black Watch Plaid is one of the most classic fabrics in history and this exquisite shirt is an absolute home run
  • Zero cotton flannel wicks away moisture and sweat while keeping you comfortable and dry in every situation

Buy Now: $110 (Usually $130)

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