E-Wheels Is Like Golfing’s Very Own R2D2

It is every Star Wars fan and golfers wet dream. E-wheels is a caddy bag that rolls on three wheels and follows you wherever you go. A perfect companion that doesn’t bark or try to talk back. This new set of wheels is sure to be one that all of your friends will be jealous of.

Wherever You Roam

There are two ways your faithful companion can follow you. The first is any directions given directly from the command center (that’s you!). There is a remote that you can use to give precise directions to the robo-caddy. It’s almost like controlling a remote-controlled car.

However, this bag is also smart. It is able to read the terrain with a six-axis gyroscope and automatically slows itself down on downhills and speeds up on the uphills to match your pace and the environment. That means that when you send it downhill you aren’t spending the next five minutes picking all of your stuff up. There is also a parking brake in case you have to stop in a precarious location.

The second option is to attach the bag directly to your belt loop. We know what you’re thinking. No, this doesn’t mean you are dragging the bag through 18 holes. The tether and wheels communicate with each other via Bluetooth, so they know how to adjust their speed to yours. Your robo-caddy will simply follow along at your pace. You’ll probably forget it’s even there.

The Nitty Gritty

For those who have… aiming difficulties… the remote has a 100-yard range. If you are planning on being that far away from your bag anyway, we may have to call caddy protective services.

The bag is good to go for 27 holes on one charge. Whether you’re out for a quick round with the boys or an all-day tournament, your robo-caddy has your back. Last but certainly not least all of the equipment is 100% waterproof. We are not here for fair weather golfers. Buy Here

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