Eclipse Plant-Based Ice Cream Is Cowlessly Creamy

If there’s ever a debate on the best dessert, ice cream’s gotta be on top of the list. But for those of us who are sensitive to lactose, it’s tough to find a substitute that tastes similar. Vegan ice cream isn’t anything new, but they’re usually made with dairy alternatives like almond, coconut, or soy milk, which change the flavor profile. Choosing a dairy alternative isn’t only good for those lactose intolerant, but it can also be good for the climate. 

Eclipse Foods is here to change the food system for the better. The company’s mission is to create a more sustainable, responsible, and humane food system, which also goes for ice cream! Eclipse Foods is headed by Aylon Steinhart and Thomas Bowman, who are both experienced in the food and science industries. 

Creamier than ice cream without the guilt

Their ice cream and other plant-based dairy products require no sacrifice. The company says that Eclipse Ice Cream is creamier than ice cream and you can’t even tell it apart from the dairy variety. Other than being free from dairy, the ice cream also has no soy, nuts, or wheat. So how do they do it? Eclipse dug deep into the makeup of milk and rebuilt it, using plants. They created their “secret sauce” of a milk recipe and made ice cream, cheese, and more that’s insanely creamy. This recipe, according to the founders, is a mix of ancient corn, potato, cassava, oats, canola oil, cane sugar, and water.

Classic flavors include vanilla, cookie butter, and chocolate. There are also limited-edition flavors created in collaboration with different chefs and brands like Ben Datiz/Num Pang, Wayla NYC, and State Bird Provisions. Flavors include Thai Iced Tea, Salted Caramel Peach Pie, Chef’s Garden Lemon Verbena, and more. New collabs are always in the works with drool-inducing flavors. Find Eclipse Ice Cream at multiple ice cream shops in Virginia, D.C., Idaho, and California, or order online for nationwide delivery! Buy Here

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