The EcoQube Frame Is A Vertical Garden Built For Your Apartment

EcoQube Frame Vertical Garden Microveggies

The EcoQube Frame is a vertical garden built specifically for tiny spaces. It grows vegetables 10x more nutritious than typical veggies. Furthermore, the best part is that it looks like a piece of art in your home. Buy Here: $49

We’ve entered a new era of civilization, one in which people care about what food goes into their bodies. No longer are people content to eat whatever is placed in front of them. The people demand nutrition and delicious whole foods. The era of vertical gardening at home is upon us.

The EcoQube Frame is a living decoration that grows microveggies in just a few days. These EcoQube Frame microveggies carry 10x the nutrition of vegetables grown in a conventional garden.

EcoQube Frame Vertical Garden Microveggies

EcoQube Frame Vertical Garden Microveggies

As far as vertical gardens go, this one is incredibly easy to maintain. There is a water level indicator which notifies you when it is time to add water. No light source is required to grow the microveggies. It takes up minimal space within your home or office. And because it’s at home there are no soil borne pests to worry about.

The EcoQube will look stylish when placed in any room of your house. It can be featured in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or dining room. This is literally a living decoration. Something rarely found but they are gaining popularity. Within 10 days this setup will grow $20 worth of microveggies at home.

Buy Here: $49

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