Grow Your Own Nutrient-Rich Microgarden

Small, but powerful. Welcome to the magical world of microgreens, tiny, edible greens grown from the seeds of vegetables and herbs. These small wonders grow in soil or soil substitute and can be harvested in one to two weeks. Microgreens have been found to have more nutrients than regular greens. Jam-packed with essential vitamins and other nutrients, microgreens are small but pack quite the punch. EcoQube Sprout by Aqua Design Innovations is the first hydroponic (without soil), stackable, modular microgarden. It’s compact, sustainable, affordable and easy. No green thumb required!

The EcoQube kit includes everything you need for nutritious greens. Grow broccoli, arugula, kale, spinach and other varieties. All you need is water! Plants are watered automatically thanks to the all-natural, 100% compostable seed-pads. These pads give your plants the perfect amount of water, so you won’t have any mess, mold or sogginess. Just follow three easy steps for delicious microgreens:

  1. Add water to the reservoir.
  2. Place a seed-pad into the reservoir.
  3. Sprinkle seeds onto the pad with the included spoon.

Seeds will sprout in 3-5 days and in less than 10 days, your microgreens will be ready to add flavor and nutrients to salads, smoothies, as garnish and more. EcoQube gives your greens faster growth, more nutrition and its clean, minimalist design will add style to any room. It’s the smart and economical way to grow your own nutritious food at home! Learn More

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