This Educational Adventure Gives You a Peek Into the SF Zoo Animal Hospital

Making vacation plans and looking to hit up the west coast? Get a well-balanced trip filled with delicious foods, amazing sights, fun culture, history, and more in San Francisco. Take a break between the food-filled escapades and visit the San Francisco Zoo, one of the city’s popular attractions. The SF Zoo is home to over 2,000 exotic, endangered, and rescued animals, representing more than 250 species. There are also several lush, peaceful gardens full of native and foreign plants. Other treasured and popular attractions in the zoo include the historic 1921 Dentzel Carousel and the 1904 miniature Little Puffer Steam Train. The 100-acre zoo is an urban oasis, located in the southwestern corner of San Francisco against the Pacific Ocean.

The SF Zoo offers many nature-focused interactive activities with the hope of leading to conservation action. The goal is that learning about animals will inspire visitors to be more eco-conscious and to care for all wildlife. There are many fun and educational activities at the zoo, including lectures and feedings, where you can learn about the animals and see them interact with their keepers. One popular activity is the grizzly bear feeding, where visitors can see rescued grizzly sisters Kachina and Kiona. Other exciting educational activities include the Fisher Family Children’s Zoo, great for kids to experience feeding and petting farm animals, a marine-focused program that explores the importance of our oceans, and a hatchery tour. For something more unique, the zoo offers a behind-the-scenes experience in their veterinary hospital.

A different kind of zoo experience

For those who want to take their zoo experience to the next level, this experience is a must! This would be a great treat for those with veterinary interests. This is a great way to learn about animal care and wellness. Hidden behind the scenes, the chief veterinarian has one of the most important jobs at the SF Zoo. From 3,000-pound black rhinos to tiny fire-bellied newts, the medical staff has all the zoo residents well taken care of. This hands-on experience includes more than just a tour of the hospital. You’ll meet the medical staff that cares for the animals on a daily basis and in a tour led by the chief veterinarian, get a behind-the-scenes look at the in-use treatment rooms, plus observe an actual procedure. The procedure will depend on the schedule, but could be anything from an ultrasound to a dental procedure.

More than just a tour

Also included in the package is full-day zoo admission, one parking pass, one Adopt-an-Animal Friend Level Package for an animal of your choice, and one annual Zoo Guardian Keeper Membership. The Adopt-an-Animal package includes:

  • Certification of adoption
  • Fun fact page
  • Photograph of your adopted animal
  • Adopt-an-Animal collector’s bracelet
  • Animal plush of your adopted animal or a substitute

The Zoo Guardian membership allows you to return to see the animals you helped at any time. You also receive:

  • Two VIP cards for two adults and children under 18 for free admission, parking, and SF Zoo rides for one year
  • Invitations to special Guardian events such as behind-the-scenes exhibit tours
  • Previews of new exhibits before they’re open to the public
  • An annual reception with the Zoo Executive Director
  • A 20% discount at all gift shops and 10% discount at cafes and snack carts at the SF Zoo
  • Listing on the Zoo’s Donor Recognition Board
  • Pre-registration for SF Zoo Camp and other popular education programs

This experience is a small group experience for 1-2 people at $3,750/person. Proceeds support the San Francisco Zoological Society. Sign Up

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