Electric Dude Sunglasses Are Premium Shades At An Affordable Price

electric dude sunglasses

Say hello to The Dude, a stylish pair of sunglasses from Electric. Were these inspired by the Big Lebowski? Who can say for sure, but they are as cool, if not cooler, than El Duderino himself.

The Electric Dude sunglasses are designed in California (home of The Dude)and handcrafted in Italy (home of pasta…yum). They feature not only iconic style, which is perfect for all your summer time chilling’, but they have Melanin enhanced vision to help you to see what others never will. And they come at a fraction of the price of most major sunglass brands. They are definitely worthy of being called some of the best sunglasses under $100 on the market right now. Although in the spirit of full disclosure, a few of their color offerings do cost a little more. Buy Here

electric dude sunglasses electric dude sunglasses

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