Elemental Thinking Eggs Remind You To Take A Step Back And Reflect

We know that it’s way too easy to get caught up in our daily routines of phone calls, emails, and social media. With the world around us moving faster than ever, it’s even more important to take a moment to slow down, think, and reflect. That’s what the Thinking Egg is. Although it may seem like a simple trinket, it serves as a powerful reminder to slow down.

The Thinking Egg comes in four unique elemental materials which each hold their own significance. Brass represents revitalization and is thought to help boost the immune system and lead to better sleep. Pine wood symbolizes concentration and has long been used medicinally to help with emotional stability. Howlite or “white buffalo” symbolizes calming, and its strong grounding effects help to ease anxiety (don’t we all need that). Lava stone represents strength, and helps to keep you going during times of change and also helps eliminate anger.

Whichever element you choose, the Thinking Egg is small and fits great in a pocket. You can carry it with you anywhere for an easy (and powerful) reminder to take a second for yourself. As you cradle it in your palm, roll it around the desk, or spin it like a top, take time to think about yourself and who you want to be. Let the serenity and natural properties of the material take effect and make your day a little more meaningful. Learn More

The Thinking Egg

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