Ember Temperature Control Coffee Mug Keeps Coffee Hot All Day Long

Temperature Control Coffee Mug

We say it time and time again on this site, but we love coffee. However, we don’t always love how quickly we are forced to drink coffee, because it fails to hold its temperature. Oftentimes, I find myself chugging my morning brew at home a lot faster than I would if it was in a Stanley travel mug or something else that would allow it to stay hot. Until now, there were virtually no at-home coffee mugs on the market like that. But the Ember temperature control coffee mug changes the game. For the better!

With this smart coffee mug, you can keep your java at the same temperature all day long. Best of all, you control the base of the mug from an app on your smart phone or watch. Other features include the ability to select your personalized LED color, choose and save your presets for different drinks (perfect for hot chocolate, tea, etc) and you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. None of the other ceramic coffee mugs in your cabinet can say that!

The Ember temperature control coffee mug comes at a hefty price of $142, but the price you pay drinking cold, stale coffee is much higher. If you ask us, it is a pretty good trade off to spend the money on something you will use every day so you can enjoy your coffee at your own pace. For the serious coffee lover, this is a must own item for now and beyond. Buy Here

Temperature Control Coffee Mug

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