An Emory Outlaw Is One of the Most Hyped Porsche Mods Out There

The Porsche 356 is one of the most talked about and renowned sports cars in automobile history. First produced in 1948, it was the German manufacturer’s first production automobile. The car’s still wildly popular today, but the beauty of cars is the creativity they can inspire. We all love a good mod and in the world of Porsche, a well-known one is the Outlaw. This evolution of the Porsche 356 comes from California-based company Emory Motorsports. Established in 1996 by Rod and Amy Emory, they specialize in building custom vintage Porsches. These custom builds are called Outlaws. The general look is usually referred to as a hot rod, but they’re not what you expect with that term.

A Vintage Porsche Custom To Your Satisfaction

Over the years, Emory Motorsports have built over 170 Porsche 356 and 911 Outlaws. They have also restored and cared for many other iconic Porsches, like a 904-6, 906, 908, and even a 1949 Le Mans class-winning Gmund SL. There’s a lot of thought and care that comes with each custom job. Emory says that each car is built as if they are building it for themselves, but tailored to the customer’s specific tastes. Each original built-to-order Porsche is restored to what they call “factory-plus” standards. That includes the metal unibody and exterior as well as the mechanicals and interior. 

Emory has access to stock 356’s from around the world. They may not have all the documents and aren’t in perfect condition, but if customers don’t have their own, there’s no need to worry. They then mod the car to be lower, including removing the bumpers and reworking the interior. Under the hood, the classic beauties are modernized as well. There would be an upgrade to fitting the 911 engines with two cylinders, giving up to three times the horsepower. The drum brakes would also be replaced with disc brakes and more. Depending on the designation type, completion can vary from 12-18 months from the beginning of the metalwork. Buy Here

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