No More Mosquitos With The Enkeeo 2-In-1 Lantern And Bug Zapper

When you go camping, turning on your lantern in the tent at night is like an open invitation for every bug in the world to come inside. Still, you need some light to see what you’re doing at night. Unfortunately, you can either choose between light and mosquitos or no light and less mosquitos. Until now. This nifty invention lets you have light and kills the little suckers at the same time. Honestly, we can’t think of a smarter way to light up your tent.

The bottom of the device is an LED lantern that lasts for up to 20 hours on a USB rechargeable battery. It doesn’t get hot and has three different brightness settings, all controlled by one easy button. Above the lantern is a built-in bug zapper. It attracts mosquitos away from you with ultraviolet light and then zaps them with electricity, killing them on contact. The zapper is safe thanks to a cage that keeps fingers from touching it on accident. No more bug bites while you’re sleeping. Speaking of, you can run the lantern and the zapper independently, so it can be dark while you sleep but the zapper still kills bugs. You can hook the device to your tent with a folding plastic hook.

When you need to clean off the carcasses of your mosquito foes, just run the lantern under running water. Yes, it’s waterproof. IP6, so it could even be submerged. Just don’t turn the zapper on while it’s in the water. This sweet device is a must for your next outdoor adventure. Buy Here

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